This is not the Red State / Blue State divide, in pure form.

It’s what Rasmussen calls the Political Class / Mainstream America divide, in pure form. Via the Corner:

I don’t know if I can adequately describe the total disconnect that takes place here between the guy who gives away AK-47s (which, by the way, are by law going to be strictly semi-automatic weapons) with every truck purchase and the woman who simply cannot comprehend why the guy is giving away AK-47s with every truck purchase. Or why he visibly doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about the fact that she’s surprised that his store motto includes a direct reference to God. Or why the Jesus reference didn’t work. It was supposed to work, right?

But it isn’t a Republican thing. My (Democratic, union president) dad would have gotten the point immediately. He wouldn’t have bought a truck from the guy – as far as I can tell, two years in Korea (starting with Inchon, and going rapidly downhill from there) left him with a profound indifference to owning a gun ever again – and he probably would have mocked him a little… but he’d have understood where the guy was coming from.

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