Notorious Israel-hating Medal of Freedom recipient 'not fully vetted' by White House

Do you feel better for reading this?  Well, I certainly feel better for reading this:

A source has now indicated that she was not fully vetted, but that the White House feels that backing down at this point would make things worse.

See Israel Matzav for more.  Much more (this too, of course).  In other words, it turns out that apparently the reason why Mary Robinson – the woman responsible for the infamous Durban Let’s-Go-After-The-Jews Conference that we pulled out of, in sheer elemental revulsion – was signed off on for a Medal of Freedom was because nobody thought to do a thorough job at researching her history.  Presumably they were all busy doing… whatever it is that the White House staff does when they get to work every morning.  I can tell you one thing: I’m morally certain that whatever it is that they do do all day does not involve living in fear of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.  There wouldn’t be quite so many mistakes like these made, if they did.  Anyway, there’s something almost comforting in knowing that the traditional stereotype of the post-Cold War Democrat – which is, of course, that he or she is the Platonic Ideal of an ignoramus when it comes to foreign affairs – is one thing that this slapdash administration apparently does not Hope to Change.

I say “almost.”  I live here, remember?

Moe Lane

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