Hard to say what's the goofiest thing about Gerry Connolly (VA-11).

Oddly, the link Jim Geraghty gave no longer shows the quote (also referenced here) by Connolly (VA-11 is a mere D+2 district, by the way), so I’ll repeat it.  The context is in regard to the stimulus:

“I want to be there with all four paws and snout in the trough.”

Again, hard to tell what’s the goofiest bit: that Gerry Connolly thinks it’s a good idea to spend your money irresponsibly; that he apparently has defenders that think that profligacy in the pursuit of in-district patronage is no vice; or that Connolly has apparently never seen an actual pig.

Moe Lane

PS: Keith Fimian would like a rematch, by the way.  You can contribute here.

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