President strikes another blow against clean energy.

If you’re surprised that he would renege on a campaign promise:

Bethesda-based USEC on Tuesday accused President Obama of reneging on a campaign pledge after the Energy Department turned down the company’s request for $2 billion in loan guarantees for a new uranium enrichment project in Piketon, Ohio.


“We are shocked and disappointed by DOE’s decision,” USEC chief executive John K. Welch said in a statement. “President Obama promised to support the loan guarantee for the American Centrifuge Plant while he campaigned in Ohio. We are disappointed that campaign commitment has not been met.”


While campaigning in southern Ohio last August, Obama praised the USEC project. “Under my administration, energy programs that promote safe and environmentally sound technologies and are domestically produced, such as the enrichment facility in Ohio, will have my full support,” he said later in a letter to Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland (D). “I will work with the Department of Energy to help make loan guarantees available for this and other advanced energy programs that reduce carbon emissions. ”

(Via The Conservatives.com)

…well, this is one time where he didn’t have a choice. He had previously made a promise to stop the production of nuclear fissile material, you see: so technically that one took precedence.

You know, they told me that if I voted for John McCain then the next administration would be under the sway of anti-science, modern-day, irrational religious fanatics – and they were right!

Moe Lane

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