'How they confirm Supreme Court judges.'

The confirmation of judges to the United States Supreme Court is a process that is exclusively the responsibility of the United States Senate.  A candidate (like Ms. Sotomayor) is brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee for evaluation/grilling: once she makes it out of the committee (it’s generally considered a good idea to have at least one crossover vote), she is then voted on by the full Senate.  At no time is the House of Representatives involved.

Why am I mentioning this?  Because apparently the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee doesn’t know any of this.  Doubleplusundead reported that this was the title of a press release*:

Senator Cornyn Votes NO on Sotomayor – Where is Rep. Pete Sessions?

To which FamousDC responded:

In the House.
Not voting on a Supreme Court nominee.
They only do that in the Senate.

I’m sure that we all hope that the DCCC has taken this lesson in elementary civics to heart, and earnestly that the offending press release in question is at least not lonely, wherever it’s been memory-holed*.  Then again, it’s probably keeping company* with all those press releases on how well the DCCC is recruiting this cycle, so at least it has friends* in this, its time of sudden darkness.

Moe Lane

PS: Of course the NRCC would love to hear from you.


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