Cabinet *not* to Thunderdome this weekend.

They’ll be “bonding,” instead. No, really: that was the word used. Which leads me to the image of Clinton writing down five things that she likes about Geithner while Chu makes Napolitano a personalized clipboard.  And everybody’s had their shoes taken away at the beginning, and nobody’s allowed to watch TV, and the people who smoke will have to listen to the happy-shiny lecturing of the people who won’t, and then THE RAIN FITFULLY STARTS… sorry.  Got sucked into a bad place in my memories there for a second.

Cabinet Will ‘Retreat’ to Blair House to Hand Out Report Cards

Aides promise that there will be no trust circles or “sharing” exercises, but President Obama’s Cabinet will gather Friday and Saturday to mark the administration’s sixth month in office with a high-level retreat.

The gathering, to be held at Blair House and the White House Conference Center, across Pennsylvania Avenue from the executive mansion, will feature all 22 Cabinet-rank members for a series of policy presentations, several officials familiar with the planning said Tuesday.

They’ll also get graded on their performance – presumably, on a curve – which would suggest an interesting reality show of let-them-compete-in-weird-contests-to-keep-their-departments, but that idea’s been not only done to death; it’s been done to death, the corpse reanimated as a zombie, and the zombie then beaten to pieces with a stick.  So no, we might as well just go to the gladiatorial combat and be done with it.

40 quatloos on the Secretary of State!

Moe Lane

PS: I am taking this seriously.  At least, I’m taking it as seriously as it deserves.

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