"Did you read the health care bill?" - with handy primer.

(Via Politico & Hot Air Headlines) That’s the question that Patients United Now would like asked of every Representative over the August break:

I heartily endorse the notion, with a couple of suggestions:

  • Bring a video camera. If you don’t have one, this onelooks cheap enough.
  • Bring a friend to hold the video camera while you talk.
  • Walk right up to your representative, identify yourself clearly, loudly, and politely, make sure that you say the magic words “…and I live in your district…,” and ask him or her whether they read the ‘health care bill’ in full before they voted on it.
  • Remember: this question has a yes or no answer.
  • You are not required to accept anything else than yes or no.
  • You are not required to participate in an argument on the merits of health care.
  • You are not required to tolerate their attempts to change the subject.
  • You are not required to not make this politely, yet firmly clear to your legislator.
  • This is why you need the second person, so that you can concentrate on the matter at hand and let him or her worry about camera angles and whatnot.

And, lastly:

  • If they actually wimp out and recess before voting on the bill, change the question to “Will you read the ‘health care’ bill in full before you vote on it, etc, etc?”  Again, it’s a yes or no question – and for this one, if they give you an attitude you may smile sweetly and remind your legislator of the nortorious fact that nobody in the Democratic Party read the stimulus and/or cap and trade before they voted for it.

Hope this helps.  Have fun!

Moe Lane

PS: Do this all politely.  Let the Left scream and rant; you’re there to get your legislator on the record.  And if they refuse to do that, well, that’s worth uploading to a video sharing site right there.

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