Today's the day for the budget reduction report!

You remember: back in April the President called on the Cabinet to reduce the budget by 100 million. True, it was immediately pointed out that this would be roughly equivalent to… well, we’ll let Political Math explain it*:

…still, every little – every very, very, very little – bit helps, right? So, today’s the day that we hear about those cuts!

White House misses deadline on spending cuts report

Asked about the spending cuts, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said Monday that information still was being compiled.

…or not. Via Berman Post, via Instapundit.

Let me translate Gibbs, there: the White House staff forgot that they were supposed to do this, and are now throwing something together, in their typical slapdash fashion. And do you know what this reminds me of? Myself, in college. I had a bad habit of waiting until the weekend before a term paper deadline and writing the whole thing in one fell swoop. Looking back, I got away with it because… well, because I was good at it, actually; but also because I didn’t care whether I got an A or not. A B would be fine; a C would do.

Which is one thing when you’re an English major glumly aware that you’re going to be spending several post-graduation years in retail any which way, and quite another thing when you’re part of an executive staff that’s supposed to be running the largest and most important nation on the planet.

Moe Lane

*For those without handy video options: take $100 in pennies. Cut one of those pennies into four sections. Take one of those quarter-sections. That’s the equivalent of the proposed budget cut.

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