Harry Alford, revisited.

Twenty-one minutes long, but worth every second: this Breitbart interview with Harry Alford was done over the phone, so you can safely stick it in the background and listen and not miss anything.

Mr. Alford, as you remember, went round and round with Senator Barbara Boxer* over some racial attitudes that the latter has yesterday; he expanded on this a bit more. Highlights from the interview:

  • He and the NBCC are not shills for Republicans.  In fact, they’re going to be on the other side on the health care issue.  Mr. Alford himself is an independent.
  • This level of racially-motivated condescension is all the more outrageous because he’s never been treated like this before, in over a decade of testimony.
  • Mr. Alford’s – fully justified – outrage seems based on the fact that he was there to testify as a representative of a Black business organization, and Senator Boxer kept treating him as a Black representative of a Black (business) organization.  Who was Black.  Like all these other Black people who agree with Senator Boxer, so their Black opinions were just as relevant as Harry (Black) Alford’s.**
  • So if you’re going to dispute a report being used by the NBCC, and you simply must get your own Black people to back you up, they’d appreciate it if you went and got ones who can at least address the issue from an informed state.
  • And, oh yes: Boxer and staff ran away surprisingly quickly after the hearing.

Really, listen to the whole thing.

Moe Lane

PS: With regard to the health care thing: I suspect that Senator Boxer’s antics yesterday may have put off both Mr. Alford and the NBCC just a bit.  His commentary on the subject had a note of hesitancy in it that seems a little suggestive, although I can’t really prove anything.  But if so… thanks, Senator Boxer!  Every little bit helps.

*Who is apparently not going to let Senator Franken simply take her most notable accomplishment away.

**Yes, it’s outrageous when written out that way.  Have you seen the clip?

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