Male unemployment at 10.5%.

Glenn Reynolds called this graph ‘scary’:

…which it is, mostly because of the implications of what the male unemployment rate is going to be when general unemployment hits double-digits; but it’s not scary enough. So I’ve improved it a touch:

…which I think will probably help get the underlying message a bit more attention. Particularly since the measures that we use to measure unemployment now are not the ones that we’ve used in the past. So there may be even a worse situation looming, from a sociological point view; I’m not even remotely one myself, but I do know that one of the basic rules of thumb is having too many young, unemployed males in the population is bad for a society’s stability.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, now would be a really good time to read up on 19th Century European history.

Just a hint.

Moe Lane

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