CA Senate President Darrell Steinberg (D) declares Californian independence.

It was, what? All of twenty seconds in?

MODERATOR: Let’s go to our next e-mail question. Adrian from Sacramento: To save money, legislators need to go part time. If other states can do this, why can’t we?

STEINBERG: Want me to take that?

LENO: You start off, I’ll –

STEINBERG: Okay. You know, um, I disagree with the premise of, uh, the question. California is a nation-state.

OK, yeah. Stop right there. The question at hand is whether California needs a full-time legislature; and the fact that the one that the state currently has is apparently capable of electing to lead it somebody who’d fail Civics 090 pretty much resolves that particular question, once and for all. I’d suggest that Mr. Steinberg go back to his previous career: but no, he’s pretty much been a politico from the start. Ditch digging, maybe?

Moe Lane

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