Glenn Nye (D, VA-02) battles Glenn Nye (D, VA-02) over Cap and Trade!

[UPDATE]: I’m hearing that Scott Rigell will be working with the NRCC. Another good recruitment pickup for next year.

It’s amazing how quickly Democratic Congressmen pick up the bad habits of their older colleagues. In Glenn Nye’s (VA-02) case, shameless double-talk. The NRCC is happy to point out how you can’t really be proud of getting a cap-and-trade bill passed that you cynically voted against:

It actually gets even better than the campaign commercial says: according to this Democratic site, Rep. Nye bragged about his support and opposition to the cap-and-trade bill to the same person (via Jim Geraghty). Just in case the posts go away later, here are the screen captures:

Seldom does one see this level of self-serving nonsense by a Democratic Congressman be so brilliantly expressed.

Moe Lane

PS: He has a GOP challenger, of course. Scott Rigell, a local auto dealership owner, former Marine, and long-time Republican with one heck of a buyer’s remorse at this point. Cook has the district at Rep+5, and this one’s on everybody’s list. Remove yet another seat from the Safe Democrat list: that’s been happening a lot lately, huh?

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[UPDATE: Name typo fixed. It’s late, sorry.]