"Done its job?"

Contra The Other McCain, this is a necessary ad:

…which is not me saying that Smitty1E was wrong to criticize it; merely that his objections address his concerns of the underlying philosophy of the Republican Party. The above is a blunt political ad, and its message –“The Democrats are messing things up, and we’re not Democrats” – would be diluted by a segue into why the Democrats are messing things up. This ad isn’t here to reaffirm the Right’s opinions, in other words; it’s there to point out objective reality to the Middle, and hopefully to goad the Left into over-reacting.

That being said, we need the people who want to talk about why we need to do certain things, too. I recommend that those who wish to address what they see as flaws in the GOP’s operating philosophy do so the old-fashioned way: enter the party at the local level, gather up or join a group of like-minded individuals, and wade in swinging. As I like to say, the cavalry isn’t coming to save us. In fact, we’re the cavalry.

And we are perfectly capable of saving ourselves.

Moe Lane

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