Harry Teague's (D, NM-02) situational opinion on global warming.

It’s very odd: the farther he is from the Capitol, the less he believes in the concept. Via Glenn Thrush, an eyewitness to the current representative from New Mexico’s Second District’s discussion of the issues:

Only after the assembled citizens in the meeting room moved into the restaurant area and insisted that he answer public questions in a public forum did the congressman reluctantly stand and address the crowd. (I might add that the crowd consisted of people I recognized as both Republicans and Democrats.)


One question that did get an answer was, since he had voted for legislation that would provide tax dollars to fight global warming, did he believe in global warming? His answer was, “I don’t know if I believe in it or not. I am not a scientist.”

Congressman Teague was also asked, if the cap-and-trade bill were put to a public vote in his district, did he believe the majority of the citizens would vote for it? He answered, “I believe they would.” This answer brought a resounding “NOOOO!” from the crowd.

I’d like to note also that the man’s been in the House of Representatives for barely half a year, and yet he’s already acquired the distressing Democratic habit of voting in favor of bills that he hasn’t bothered to read first. A sad condition, to be sure; and not one that’s apparently amenable to treatment, based on the way that it keeps breaking out among Pelosi’s and Reid’s caucuses. Fortunately, in this particular case there’s a ready enough alternative in Steve Pearce.

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