Amazon shuts down its North Carolina affiliates program.

Via Glenn Reynolds, it’s time for another round of Elections have Consequences!

Action: The North Carolinan legislature (run by Democrats) is about to provide legislation to the governor of North Carolina (Democrat) that allows North Carolina to collect sales tax from Internet transactions.

Reaction: Amazon has closed its Amazon Associates program to North Carolina residents.

To all North Carolinan bloggers and website owners out there – particularly the ones who helped to make sure that North Carolina kept its Democratic majority on the state level – my sincere sympathies; but I must note that this is what happens when you elect too many Democrats.

So stop doing that.

Moe Lane

PS: And before you think I’m being smug: I’m in a state (Maryland) dominated by the Democratic party myself. I’m pretty sure that they voted something like this down, but I trust them with fiscal policy about as far as I can throw them – and I can’t throw worth a darn.

So if you feel the need to buy something, well… here’s the site. Get it while the getting’s good, huh?

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