I assume that this was a rhetorical question of the Sunlight Foundation.

(Via Instapundit) What the frak is going on with the Cap and Trade bill is that it’s being shepherded through Congress by a government that is:

  • dominated by one political party;
  • controlled by one wing of that political party, mostly because they are senior (and senior because they are ideologues from safe seats);
  • largely unconcerned with addressing the concerns, honoring the ideals, and/or valuing the opinions of the Sunlight Foundation.

I hope that this helps clear up any lingering confusion.

Moe Lane

PS: I note that Paul Blumenthal’s post quoted Chris Bowers. I know how the latter voted in the last election; I’m curious as to how the former did. After all, it’d be a shame to include Blumenthal in the standard Elections have consequences comment if he actually had nothing to do with compounding the problem…

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