NOW chooses white antiwar activist for their President.

This is newsworthy primarily because they had an option otherwise: one, in fact, who had been endorsed by their outgoing President.  Via @AmandaCarpenter, meet the new boss:

Terry O’Neill, 56, of Maryland defeated Latifa Lyles, 33, of Washington during the organization’s national conference here. The voting took place Saturday.

Ms. O’Neill’s spokeswoman said Sunday that the vote totals were not immediately available but that it was a “close election.”

Ms. Lyles, who is black, had said she could help give the organization, with a membership that is mostly white and over 40, a new image of youth and diversity that would appeal to younger feminists. She had been enthusiastically endorsed by Kim Gandy, who is retiring on July 20 after eight years as president of the group.

If you’re wondering what kind of agenda Ms. O’Neill plans to pursue, here’s the picture from her campaign site:


Yup. That’s AfterDowningStreet, the crank far-left antiwar group that’s still calling for war crimes trials against the previous administration. Yes. I can see why she’d want to highlight that association in her campaign… actually, it worked, so what do I know?  Ms. Lyles, in contrast… well.  Not like I can pretend that she’s a conservative, but at least I can’t find any pictures of her posing with hate groups.

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