Brian Faughnan on MSNBC.

The subject: This administration’s lack of transparency!

The spokesperson for the Left: Jane Hamsher, of FireDogLake!

The battle:

…called on account of mutual agreement, more or less.

Sorry: normally I’d be more than happy to whale on Ms. Hamsher, but I’ve watched this particular segment twice – and aside from her tacit disagreement with Brian that this isn’t unexpected behavior (or isn’t better than President’s Bush’s) I’ve got nothing legitimate to toss at her. And since I’m not going to make something up, I’ll just end it with a “Good job” to Brian for getting on the record that yea, indeed, we on the Right are not surprised by the current state of affairs re transparency.

Oh, and that we’re glad to hear that there will be criticism from the Left on this issue as well.

Moe Lane

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