Reviewing the May fundraising numbers.

Yup, it’s that time again.  Short version: the DNC beat the RNC last month, thanks to a Presidential fundraiser; but the NRSC actually raised more money last month than the DSCC; and the DCCC raised only about 200K more than the NRCC.  While the cash-on-hand edge for the GOP is less than it was last month’s, it’s because the Democrats are still not retiring their debt, which is 4x the GOP’s.

Group Raised CoH Debt
RNC 5.82 21.55 0.00
DNC 8.37 12.14 5.60
NRSC 3.50 3.70 0.00
DSCC 3.45 4.00 4.17
NRCC 3.24 3.73 4.00
DCCC 3.44 5.01 6.67
GOP 12.56 28.98 4.00
Democrats 15.26 21.15 16.44

Compare to last month’s:

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 5.76 24.38 0.00
DNC 4.52 9.09 5.42
NRSC 2.93 2.65 0.00
DSCC 3.13 2.63 4.58
NRCC 2.23 3.69 5.00
DCCC 3.05 4.03 7.33
Raised CoH Debts
GOP 10.92 30.72 5
Dem 10.70 15.75 17.33

…and the Democrats can take some comfort in knowing that the President can personally bring in the cash.  That’s the only good news for them from last month, though.  Their Congressional and Senatorial committees should both be doing much better against the GOP versions than they are; in fact, they are in some ways in much the same position that the GOP was at this time in 2007:

Through May, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Committee had raised $48.6 million as compared to the $36 million collected by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee. And, even though the two Republican committees have been outraised by $12 million by their Democratic counterparts, they have actually outspent the DSCC and DCCC $31.3 million to $23.7 million.

Those raising and spending figures leave a — you guessed it! — massive cash on hand gap between the two sides. The DSCC and DCCC have $25.5 million on hand while the NRSC and NRCC have just $6.1 million in the bank. Compare that to the two sides’ relative cash positions at the end of May 2005; the two Republican committees had $19.1 million in the bank — $6.5 million more than the two Democratic campaign committees.

Three of the four committees still carry significant debt from the 2006 cycle. The NRCC and NRSC have a combined $6.8 million in debt (all from the NRCC) while the DCCC and DSCC carry $8.7 million in debt.

…which is to say, not bringing in the cash and heavily in debt.

And I think that I’ll end it there; after all, we still have a year and a half until the next election.

Moe Lane

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