I cannot *believe* that this is part of Blago's Revenge.

I mean, how could he have known that Burris would end up on Armed Services?

MR. LEMNIOS: Sir, in the — as director of Defense Research and Engineering, my critical role would be to work technology strategy across the Department of Defense; to identify those key areas where the Department needs to strengthen and drive its technology strategies, technology efforts; to work with the services in their laboratories to foster a broad set of –

SEN. BURRIS: Excuse me. You’re saying that there is — services have their own research laboratories going, with research military personnel, or outside contracting personnel?

MR. LEMNIOS: Sir, I’ve seen combinations of both. Some examples include the Naval Research Laboratory, not too far from here, which includes certainly government employees as well as some contractors on site; include the Air Force Wright-Patterson Laboratory which, again, include many government researchers and outside contractors.

(Via Mere Rhetoric, via Hot Air)

Wired is appalled, although as usual I’m not sure why; it’s hardly a news flash that the Democratic Party would consider Armed Services to be the perfect backwater in which to put a Senator like Burris.  I just refuse to believe that Blagojevich is that prescient. If he was, he’d still be in office.

Nonetheless, I cannot wait for the Democratic Illinois primary. Particularly the part where the national Democratic party bends itself into amusing rhetorical pretzel shapes to avoid talking about why they’re supporting/not supporting Burris in it. Trust me, they’re not going to want to talk about it, either way.

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