White House elevates its rhetoric on Iranian election fraud.

Allahpundit has a post up about the White House’s sudden, if guarded escalation of its anti-election fraud in Iran rhetoric – I can’t imagine why we’re suddenly seeing that; can you? – and ended it with this question:

Exit question: How would Saddam be reacting to all this if he was still in charge in Iraq?

The answer to that is actually simple: he wouldn’t be, because this wouldn’t be happening. The people of Iran aren’t stupid; they wouldn’t even flirt with the idea of a civil war if they were still sharing a border with a genocidal, expansionist regime that killed at least 200K of their countrymen in the last war. Saddam Hussein used poison gas in that war, after all. Somebody that vile couldn’t be trusted not to leap on a distracted Iran and start rending.  ‘Course, that’s no longer a worry, given that we took the murdering tyrant out and hanged him a while back; not to mention, shooting down his sons in the street like the mad dogs that they were.  So now they share a border (for the moment) with the Great Satan, who everybody knows has precisely zero interest in invading them.

Gee.  Funny how things work out sometimes, huh?

Moe Lane

PS: Good job, whoever it was in the State Department that told Twitter to keep the lines open.

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