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Do you know what worries me about the current US response to the stolen Iranian election?

What worries me is that once we hear the official response, this (via @magnolia_tree):

Unfortunately, no focus group needs to be taken on one sad fact. America is to blame for this. The President and I would like to send our apologies to the Iranian people and government for our past action, which has led many to believe that this is how you react after a contested election. For those of you who don’t follow me, I have 3 words: Remember the Florida election!

Now I want to make one thing clear. All investigations after the fact showed that George W Bush was victorious. However, our actions during that recount were outrageous and set an example that the Iranian government is now following. I still have nightmares about watching the news from Florida as countless innocent people named Chad were hung. Night after night this took place while I watched in stunned silence at how we reacted to that election. I never knew Chad was such a popular name in Florida until then. So many of them were killed that the media even came up with a catch phrase for it, Hanging Chads. Disgusting. I never was able to track down one of their family members to express my condolences. It was as if they never existed. Scary indeed.

…won’t sound half bad.

I’d give the President’s response to this, but he was out golfing yesterday while Iranian thugs were beating people to death in the streets.  Unlike, say, his predecessor, he apparently wasn’t taking comments, either.  That being said, the administration is firmly on track to consider a plan to focus on a response to Iran’s reported human rights violations, which apparently excludes the concept of a ‘fair election.’  I suggest that people keep a good eye out for those who’ll reflexively endorse this decision as the received wisdom of the ages; it’ll be a helpful calibration.

Meanwhile: it’s clumsy and repetitive, but it’s real-time.

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