BREAKING: Militia fires on Iranian protestors.


AP News alert FROM IRAN: AP photographer sees pro-government militia fire at opposition protesters, killing at least 1.

And if this is true:

@StopAhmadi (via AoSHQ)

The Basiji police that killed 4 ppl in Tehran got killed by the ppl! eye for an eye! #iranelection

…we’re now at the cusp of something. If the crowds start thinking that the militia are going to shoot at them anyway – well, they stop being ‘crowds,’ and become the Mob.

No, that is not good. The whole point of having a Velvet Revolution is to avoid waking up the Mob.

Moe Lane

PS: Jules Crittenden has put together a roundup of some of the reactions to the Iranian situation in general.

PPS: Via @magnolia_tree (her website, btw), these pictures. Whoa.

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