Does Jimmy Carter think that Ahmadinejad WON? #iranelection

While Jon Henke is correct – at this time the Carter Center remains completely silent regarding yesterday’s Iranian election fraud – the former President has made a statement on the topic.  One that is incompatible with any stance that considers what’s happening over there to be election fraud.

Carter said US policy would remain the same “because the same person will be there” in brief remarks after he met Palestinian officials in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.


Carter — who was president during Iran’s 1979 revolution that toppled the US-backed shah and the hostage crisis that followed — said the strength of the opposition during the campaign may push Ahmadinejad to “modify” his policies.

“I think this election brought a lot of opposition to his policy in Iran and I am sure he will listen to this opposition and may modify (it).”

If by “modify” one means “crack down on, violently attack, isolate (along with the rest of Iran) from the rest of the universe, and place under house arrest.”  Which, knowing Carter, cannot be ruled out: he gets just a little less tolerant of people contradicting his narrative every year.

Moe Lane

PS: You can keep up with this situation here.

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