Some more Iran links.

Josh Trevino – who notes here that recent events in Iran show that a cable TV subscription is probably no longer needed for people who want to keep up with the news* -has put up an Iran Events feed here (see explanation here).  Meanwhile, it’s 6:30 in the morning in Tehran (10 PM here), and the regime has shut down electricity in the city.  For ‘repairs.’  It’s also reported that cell phone networks and social networking sites inside Iran have been targeted.

See also Michael Totten, who is also updating.  And then there’s #iranelection. And The Cable.  And the NYT’s global site isn’t actually being useless.

This picture may say it all.  Or this one.

I still don’t trust this guy.  But I guess that really isn’t an option anymore.

Moe Lane

*He’s right.  You don’t.