Michael Feldman: Homophobe for the Obama Auto Task Force!

Hey, if it had been a Republican staffer blithely assuming that ‘bending over’ was acceptable discourse in official negotiations we’d be seeing the pyre being built on the Capitol steps right now.  We can have people dial back the outrage over what is said or written, or make to penalties for it apply equally to everybody; I’d personally prefer the former, but I’ll be [expletive deleted] if I’ll let the double standard pass unremarked.

Anyway, the revealed bit is at the end of this:

(See also MsUnderestimated & Hot Air)

Admittedly, I’m not bothering to do much with the ‘terrorist’ remark except to note it: that’s just the usual fearmongering and character assassination – and, honestly, by now I’m kind of used to it happening. This other bit, however… well. They’re usually quieter about that sort of thing.

Moe Lane

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