What Jeffrey Goldberg left out.

I don’t wish to be rude to him, per se – he raised a good point here when talking about what Judith Warner left out – but if you’re going to make statements like this:

…the right, generally speaking, doesn’t want to acknowledge white, Christian intolerance. But they both exist, and they should both be acknowledged.

…please do not deliberately use as support for that statement the case of James von Brunn, who was in point of fact not a Christian. And I’m not trying for a ‘no true Christian would do such a thing’ (even though no true Christian would) defense, here. I mean, literally, the man was not a Christian. von Brunn believed that St. Paul made the entire religion up in order to destroy the Roman Empire, which was apparently actually Aryan.

I’m sorry, but that was just sloppy of Mr. Goldberg.

Moe Lane