June's Rasmussen trust numbers versus May's.

So, last month I posted Rasmussen’s report that the Republicans were back to being trusted more than Democrats on four critical topics, and trusted more and/or tied on five.  It got a surprising amount of play, given that I hadn’t really thought all that much about it when I wrote it.  Besides, it was one month, compared to a very, very, very bad month for Republicans; the numbers could very easily shift by the next month.

They did.

Jun-09 May-09
Issue Democrats GOP Diff Democrats GOP Diff Shift
Health Care 47% 37% 10 53% 35% 18 8
Education 44% 37% 7 49% 36% 13 6
Social Security 43% 37% 6 48% 39% 9 3
Abortion 41% 41% 41% 41%
Economy 39% 45% (6) 44% 43% 1 7
Taxes 39% 44% (5) 41% 47% (6) (1)
Iraq 37% 45% (8) 41% 43% (2) 6
Nat’l Security 36% 51% (15) 41% 48% (7) 8
Gov’t Ethics 29% 35% (6) 40% 29% 11 17
Immigration 29% 43% (14) 36% 37% (1) 13

Numbers in red represent a shift in the GOP’s favor; numbers in blue, the Democrats.  As is immediately obvious, the Republican Party is now trusted more on six out of ten (tied in one more), including the most critical one of the economy.  Also note that the GOP has had a net shift in its favor in eight of the ten categories.  In no category did the Democrats improve on their trust levels in May, and in nine of ten, they dropped; the GOP increased their trust ratings in seven of ten.  Most gratifyingly, the Government Ethics category (which is the most volatile, from what I’ve seen so far) is currently pegged at something approaching objective reality.

How significant all of that is I will leave to the statisticians and other modern-day diviners; but I think that it can be safely said that the Democratic Party isn’t having a good second quarter.

Moe Lane

PS: There’s sixteen months until the 2010 elections.  These numbers will shift back and forth several times between now and then. All of this is merely a reminder to avoid despair.

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