Great moments in Democratic responsibility.

Harry S Truman (President of the United States) – his motto:

The Buck Stops Here!

John F Kennedy (Author of Profiles in Courage, President of the United States) – regarding the Bay of Pigs fiasco:

President Kennedy has stated from the beginning that as President he bears sole responsibility for the events of the past few days. He has stated it on all occasions and he restates it now so that it will be understood by all. The President is strongly opposed to anyone within or without the administration attempting to shift the responsibility.”

Ted Strickland (Governor of Ohio) – on the news of Ohio’s record 10.2 unemployment rate & the loss of a GM plant / the relocation of NCR:

“Ohio’s governor says it’s unfair to blame his administration for two big job losses this week.”

Hmm.  Doesn’t have quite the same oomph to it.

See also Weapons of Mass Discussion and the Ohio Republican Party blog.  And, of course, John Kasich’s site, for those interested in confirming that Governor Strickland ends up not needing to take the blame for Ohio’s problems past November of 2010…

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