Thomas Frank worried about the GOP drinking his milkshake*.

(Via Hot Air Headlines) There’s a part of me that enjoys articles like this one by Thomas Frank even more than I would by somebody who didn’t hate either conservatives, or the Republican Party. You see, despite Frank’s arrogant sneering at conservatives, willful refusal to see the Democrats’ own role in our current financial mess, petulant dismissal of the burgeoning right-populist movement, hasty downplaying of a set of a bunch of social issues that his side is losing anyway, and brassy mendacity over the deep ties between corporate America (particularly Wall Street) and the Democratic Party – he still has to admit that we’re starkly dangerous as a political party.

And when we have the Democrats for lunch – which we will; Thomas Frank is quite right about that – it’s not going to be because they started acting like Clintonites (read: ‘centrists’) again. It’s going to be because the Democratic party is committed to doing its level best to make the GOP look like centrists.


Moe Lane

*I know that it’s not dirty. But it sounds dirty.

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