Lindsey Graham wounded by Sotomayor's hurtful remarks.

Senator Lindsey Graham goes there:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., told “FOX News Sunday” he wasn’t buying President Obama’s attempt to walk back his Supreme Court nominee’s controversial statement from 2001. Obama said Friday that given the chance Sotomayor would have “restated” that comment, and that she was merely trying to express how her experiences give her perspective on others’ hardships.

“She didn’t say that at all,” Graham countered Sunday, suggesting Sotomayor’s statement raises questions about her objectivity.

“What she said is that based on her life experiences is that she thought a Latina woman, somebody with her background, would be a better judge than a guy like me — a white guy from South Carolina,” Graham said. “It is troubling, and it’s inappropriate and I hope she’ll apologize.”

Via AoSHQ.  I say ‘goes there’ in two senses.  First off, Senator Graham is of course using identity politics – in precisely the way that Sotomayor did in the first place, which makes it a little awkward for the Democrats to explain why it’s OK for a Latina to declare herself better than a white guy, but not OK for a white guy to be offended by that statement and call for an apology.  Note the use of the word ‘inappropriate,’ too, which is usually used by the professional political correctness squad to great effect as a passive-aggressive way of getting a concession; I can’t wait to see if the Democrats can come up with a rationalization not to that’s any better than Because it’s different when we do it.  And, given that Graham is explicitly not calling Sotomayor a racist, there’s no earthly reason at all that she shouldn’t personally apologize for offending him, right?

The second way that I mean ‘goes there’ is in ‘going to the caucus.’ Yes, yes, I know: he’s been unreliable before, and he very well be unreliable in the future. But right now he’s eating his Wheaties, and we should encourage that, yes? Carrot and stick, ladies and gentlemen: carrot and stick.

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