BREAKING: Feds subpoenaing Visclosky's office. [UPDATED]

[UPDATE] See also Hot Air. And may I say that there’s a part of me that hopes that Pelosi tries to quash this? It’s a lovely time of year for a gutter war.

I was tempted to go with the headline “FEDS RAID VISCLOSKY!” solely to give some of our lurkers acute acid reflux, but really: this is quite good on its own:

Feds subpoena Rep. Visclosky’s offices

Federal law enforcement officials have subpoenaed the congressional and campaign offices of Rep. Pete Visclosky (D-Ind.) to get information about a former defense lobby firm raided by the FBI, according to Visclosky.

Certain Visclosky employees have also been sent grand jury subpoenas requesting documents related to the PMA Group, a lobby shop with strong ties to the Indiana lawmaker. Visclosky’s former chief of staff, Rich Kaelin, was a high-profile lobbyist at the firm that closed its doors at the end of March.

This is, of course, all going back to the PMA scandal, of which Visclosky is not even the most important member. If you’re reminded of how this sounds a bit like how they started up to get Bill Jefferson, you should be: it’s how these things work. I suspect, however, that Visclosky will have his status resolved a good deal more quickly…

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PS: Hi, Jack. Got that ticket to a country without an extradition treaty with the USA yet?

Oh, well, maybe you won’t need one.

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