How is that undivided government thing working out for corporate America?

Via Instapundit comes both Roger Kimball’s and Tigerhawk’s comments on this Forbes article about Clifford Asness (“The Protest of a Patriot“). Come, I will hide nothing from you: I am not currently a businessman, and it’s been almost a decade since I was really involved in any sort of business. So I have no personal knowledge about the exact number of people out there who are discovering that they, too, can have a class interest; that they feel that it’s not being served properly in today’s anti-productive atmosphere; and that they feel personally insecure about saying the previous too loudly.

But for those out there who are so discovering this, I’d like to note something. The President is able to enable the current agenda bothering you primarily because the following positions are being filled by the following people:

  • Senate Majority Leader: Harry Reid
  • Appropriations: Daniel Inouye
  • Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Christopher Dodd
  • Commerce, Science, and Transportation: Jay Rockefeller
  • Finance: Max Baucus
  • Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi
  • Appropriations: David Obey
  • Energy and Commerce: Henry Waxman
  • Financial Services: Barney Frank
  • Rules: Louise Slaughter
  • Ways and Means: Charles Rangel

Just imagine – for one moment! – that as of January 2011 one of those positions was held by somebody else. Or two or three of them. Or, possibly, all of them.  Do you think that your lives might then get just a little smoother?  If the answer’s ‘no’ – do you think that you will still say the same thing, six months from now?  Or that your colleagues will, the ones who aren’t out of business by then?

All I’m saying is, don’t write any checks automatically this election cycle.  Think about it a little, first.
Moe Lane

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