The Democratic Virginia primary continues to not surprise.

(Via Jen Rubin) With two weeks left in the Virginia Democratic primary, the failed DNC chairman from New York is still ahead of both the corrupt brother of an anti-Semite and the guy who keeps hitting people with his car (thanks, Jim Geraghty), but the guy with the car is coming up fast:

Raleigh, N.C. – The only candidate who has moved forward in the last two and a half weeks in the Virginia Democratic contest for Governor is Creigh Deeds, but Terry McAuliffe continues to hold a solid overall lead.
McAuliffe is at 29%, followed by Brian Moran and Deeds tied at 20%. PPP’s most recent previous poll had McAuliffe at 30%, Moran at 20%, and Deeds with 14%.

Meanwhile, the brother to the anti-Semite and the guy with the car are both going after the failed DNC chair, presumably because they’re worried that Bob McDonnell may not have been keeping proper notes, or something.

After a largely genteel campaign, McAuliffe, the former Democratic National Committee chairman, has suddenly become the axis around which the race turns as state Sen. R. Creigh Deeds and former Del. Brian Moran zero in on everything ranging from McAuliffe’s stewardship of the national party to his business dealings to his penchant for hyperbole.

Personally, I can see advantages to running against the failed DNC chair, the brother to an anti-Semite, or the guy with the car, so it doesn’t really matter to me which one of the three eventually limps over the finish line. Just as long as they keep helpfully pointing out each other’s flaws, of course. After all: surely it won’t make any difference in November, and even if it does? Why, it’s only one race.

Moe Lane

PS: That being said: bringing in Tom Daschle to do damage control? Tsk, tsk, tsk, failed DNC chair. Not very smart of you.

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