Reviewing the April fundraising numbers.

Short version: the DNC kept quiet about its fundraising for a reason; the NRSC & DSCC remain tied in their ability to bring in cash; the DCCC is underperforming; and that debt problem is still looming for the Democrats.

Raised CoH Debts
RNC 5.76 24.38 0.00
DNC 4.52 9.09 5.42
NRSC 2.93 2.65 0.00
DSCC 3.13 2.63 4.58
NRCC 2.23 3.69 5.00
DCCC 3.05 4.03 7.33
Raised CoH Debts
GOP 10.92 30.72 5
Dem 10.70 15.75 17.33

Comparison to last month:

Raised CoH Debt
RNC 6.7 23.9 0
DNC 7.57 9.7 6.9
NRSC 4.94 2.7 1
DSCC 5 7.2 10.8
NRCC 5.3 3.33 5
DCCC 10.2 3.34 8

The major point of interest here is that – in marked contrast to this time in 2007 (2008 was in the middle of a Presidential primary season, so I don’t think it’s a valid comparison) the Democrats do not have a cash-on-hand advantage. They’re also still in debt – the DCCC in particular – and it’s not one that they can actually pay off at the moment. Revenues are coming in at actually only a little lower overall than during this point in the last election cycle, but the relative available cash and debts of the two parties have pretty much flipped. This is probably not going to change much for May; how the fundraising this summer goes is going to be interesting to see.

Bottom line? For a organization that’s supposedly simultaneously dead, hated, at war with itself, and shrinking, the Republican Party seems to be oddly functional.

Moe Lane

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