State Rep. Nikki Randhawa Haley announces for SC-Gov.

[Note: Google hasn’t caught up yet. Her official campaign website is here.]

It’s official:

Haley Officially Enters South Carolina Governor’s Race

State Rep. Nikki Haley is adding her name to the list of Republicans hoping to become governor of South Carolina in 2010. Haley, a staunch anti-tax advocate, confirmed Thursday that she will mount a run for the seat currently held by Republican Mark Sanford, who is prevented by term limits from running for a third term.

“For more than five years I’ve sat in the statehouse and watched – sometimes in disbelief – as our state government has spent with abandon and in the process wasted taxpayer dollar after taxpayer dollar,” Haley said in a release. “I know what good government can look like. I’m running for Governor so the people of this state will know what it feels like.”

Rep. Haley is a three-term legislator who got elected on a reform platform in 2004 and has been more or less easily winning elections since. Her primary focus is on fiscal issues; she’s a strong conservative on that front, and is… actually, when it comes to endorsements it’s the usual deliberate murkiness. Governor Sanford’s statement:

“It’s too early to endorse anyone,” Sanford said Thursday. “But I would say Nikki Haley would make a terrific and inspiring choice as governor, and she’s a great addition to the field of candidates.”

…is certainly being taken as at least an indication that the Governor will be accessible to her campaign.  It should be noted that Sanford can’t run again, thanks to term limits; which doesn’t stop him from endorsing and helping someone else, of course.

What are her obstacles?  As the Wolfe Report puts it: money, name recognition, and organization.  Looking over the situation, my immediate take is that if the money comes in, the other two will take care of themselves; and if Gov. Sanford really is going to help her, the money will come in…

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