So we give Michael Williams a few months of incumbency as Senator.

Sen. John Cornyn is worried that Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison is going to retire early this fall to run for Governor, but I’m missing the problem here (via Political Wire):

“My guess,” he told Texas reporters at his Senate office today, is that Hutchison will resign “this fall sometime.”

That would allow Perry to appoint an interim senator and allow a special election to take place in May 2010 instead of this November (which would happen if she resigned this spring or summer).

It seems pretty simple:

  • Hutchison resigns.
  • Governor Perry appoints Texas Railroad Commissioner* Michael Williams to be interim Senator.
  • Williams wins the special election.

Come on, Senator Cornyn. This isn’t exactly rocket science.

Moe Lane

*An elected position in Texas that actually oversees energy issues (gotta love agenda drift, huh?); Michael Williams has been elected to the position three times, and there are Republicans all over Texas who are jumping up and down at the prospect of getting to vote for him for Senator. Here’s some footage of him from the last national convention:

…and from the Texas Convention:
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