Democrats blocking Dawn Johnson appointment?

Via Glenn Reynolds (who thinks that Johnson should be confirmed), TPM notes that the nomination is being stalled by Democrats Arlen Specter (D-PA) and Ben Nelson (D-NE). Apparently, the latter is in a snit-fit over “subsidies to student lending institutions” and the former is being… Arlen Specter.

Reid, of course, is doing his usual game of blaming his inadequacies on the GOP, but really, what else can he do? Personally, I don’t really know enough about the situation to pontificate about Johnson one way or the other*, but I’d appreciate it if Reid learns to take responsibility for things for a change. Not to mention learning to not be so greedy. We let him have Lugar for this one, didn’t we?

Moe Lane

*Although her lack of a book is actually kind of refreshing.

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