Much as I hate to disagree with Jonah Goldberg...

…and I do hate to disagree with Jonah – still, I feel compelled to note the following with regard to this video:

  1. Olivet Nazarene University is a dry school. A seriously dry school.
  2. The students in that video made no attempt to hide their location. Or their names.
  3. No actual drinking took place in that video.
  4. I think that we can also assume that there were multiple takes for most of those shots.
  5. In other words, this was five college students making a movie.  With a soundtrack.  Probably a script.  Definitely a tripod – those weren’t hand-held camera shots.  I’ve been playing with video footage myself lately, and it’s not easy.
  6. Most importantly, that was an interesting movie.  Not the easiest thing in the world to find on YouTube, honestly.

So I think maybe their parents aren’t completely wasting their money.

Moe Lane

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