Senator Chuck Schumer: pandemic funding 'little porky things.*'

[UPDATE]: And I thought that I was being harsh.

Back in the day, Senator Schumer bragged about removing the funding, in fact. He thought that it was “bipartisan.”

He said the compromise hammered out between Senate Democrats and moderate Republicans – which has enough support to get it past any threat of a filibuster – was far better than that passed by the House on Jan. 29.

“All those little porky things that the House put in, the money for the [National] Mall or the sexually transmitted diseases or the flu pandemic, they’re all out,” Schumer said.

(H/T: AoSHQ)

“Bipartisan” being defined as “three Republicans and the Democratic party,” of course. Now that there’s a question about said funding, suddenly they feel like they need to pin it all on the Republican party, and never mind that the stripped-out appropriations was part of a failed attempt to bribe the GOP. Note, “failed”: if they had wanted to do a real cut, they would have axed things that would have hurt across the board; instead, they went with what they themselves considered extraneous or meaningless, and it’s just Schumer’s bad luck that the swine flu decided to break out in Mexico.  So, as Don Surber notes, we’re going to get the default option from the Democrats again: blame it on the GOP somehow.

Of course, the people that will scream loudly about this will say not a word about Schumer if they can possibly help it. That’s because they don’t actually care about swine flu. Well, that’s not quite true: after all, the more people that die, the more they’ll feel justified and righteous about screaming about the Republican party. Sure, it’s a tragedy, but the really important thing for them is to elect more Democrats.

Moe Lane

PS: When are we getting the rest of HHS, by the way?

*Of course, porky might be a compliment by Schumer’s standards:

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