Reviewing the March 2009 fundraising numbers.

OK, it looks like all the numbers are in. Executive summary: the DNC needs the President to survive, the NRSC is continuing to hold steady, and while the NRCC is probably thankful that the DCCC is debt-ridden, it needs to get on the stick.

Raised CoH Debt
RNC 6.7 23.9 0
DNC 7.57 9.7 6.9
NRSC 4.94 2.7 1
DSCC 5 7.2 10.8
NRCC 5.3 3.33 5
DSCC 10.2 3.34 8

Overall, the Democrats raised more in the first quarter, but have less cash on hand and considerably more debt.

Looking at last month’s numbers, the thing that jumps out first is the debt levels: the DCCC spent a lot of its 2-to-1 advantage in fundraising on getting a handle on its existing debt, while the DNC/DSCC did not; meanwhile, the NRSC/NRCC are steadily drawing down. The NRCC is also reporting that it is increasing its efficiency levels and member participation. Neither are game-changers, but we have nineteen months to the midterms.

Until the actual FEC reports come out, I’m going to assume that the two congressional GOP committee totals include the 1 million apiece that the RNC forwarded them – but even if they do, the transfer to the DNC is more interesting, anyway. That $7.57 million raised includes another $2 million contribution from Obama’s old campaign funds and a $3 million fundraiser. Subtract the one (I haven’t in the main totals, because fair’s fair: the NRSC/NRCC totals apparently include transfers) and we see that individual donations are still lagging the RNC’s; subtract both, and the dependency of the DNC on the President becomes obvious. If this trend continues, expect the White House to start using the DNC as its proxy agent in the Democratic Party’s internal controversies. Seeing as they own it anyway, they might as well.

Overall, how things look will largely depend on how partisan you are. Both Democrats and Republicans will find good things to see in these numbers; while normal people will… probably wonder why anybody went through the trouble.

Moe Lane

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