Rasmussen: Majority of country worries government will do too much.

I would quibble with the results here: it implies that the notion that we’ve already done too much already to fix the economy isn’t a legitimate answer. Still, this report will not be welcome news for the administration:

52% Worry Government Will Do Too Much to Fix Economy


The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 52% of the nation’s Likely Voters now worry that the government will do too much. That’s up from 50% a month ago and 43% in mid-February. It’s the highest level of concern measured since Barack Obama was elected president.

The number who worry that the government will do too little has fallen sharply to 31%. That’s down nine points from 40% a month ago and 12 points from 43% two months ago.

…which is only fitting. When the economy went into a tailspin last fall, the current administration presented itself as the best choice to repair our financial problems. When they were elected, the expectation was that they would actually engage in activities that would repair our financial problems, and in a nonpartisan, inclusive manner. Instead, we got: Never Waste A Crisis. I Won. The Democratic Party’s Pork Wish List. It’s Not Our Fault. Tax Hikes On The Lower Class*. The Great Expanding Budget Deficit. Let’s Repeat That Last One Again. One More Time, So That It Sinks In.

So it’s not too surprising that the country’s not buying the administration’s line that the way out of this mess is more government intervention – and, no, they’re not buying it. 52% thinking too much and 31% thinking too little is pretty clear, particularly when you look at the trends. And while I’m sure that the Democrats are taking some comfort in the President’s/Democrats’ reportedly high approval ratings – well, as someone once pointed out; Rome didn’t fall in a day, either. It would be wise for the administration to start thinking about the possibility that possibly – possibly! – it needs to stop, take a breath, and reconsider its strategy here.

They should at least think about it.

Moe Lane

*Although that might be unfair: the tax may be just over-zealous social engineering. After all, we’re talking about Democratic Establishment apparatchiks: about the only way to get them exercised about flag-burning is to use one to light up a cigarette.

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