USA to boycott Durban II.

We are not going to the Bash-the-Jews Durban Review Conference after all:

US boycotts UN racism conference

Washington has confirmed it will boycott a UN forum on racism in Geneva next week because of differences over Israel and the right to free speech.

The state department said the proposed text of the conference’s guiding document remained unacceptable despite having been amended significantly.

Not very surprising, although I’d like to clear up something for the BBC. There has not been any sort of internal debate “raging” in the United States over this issue. The American people have consistently shown their support for Israel, and that hasn’t changed. What had happened was that various fringe groups in the United States had been pushing as hard as they could for some sort of flexibility in the language that would create a rhetoric crack in the pavement for future Israel-bashing behavior. This, of course, failed miserably: anti-Semitism is, after all, the bigotry of choice of the mediocre who wishes to think of himself as superior. Not sure why that is: nonetheless, we’re not going to this travesty.

I’d say “better luck next time,” except that I don’t even remotely mean it.

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