Nick Gillespie on Obama's Vision Deficit.

This entire rant by Nick Gillespie of Reason Hit & Run is a thing of beauty… but, alas, full of rough language. This paragraph is relatively repeatable in polite company (H/T Instapundit):

And now this morning, Obama was on the tube again, yapping about traffic jams. What the hell is going on here? The president of the freaking United States is talking about traffic jams? Then again, in grammar school we did all learn that part of George Washinton’s Farewell Address where he warned against entangling alliances and the dread menace of highway jughandles and traffic circles. That Obama’s big solution is, ta-da!, “high-speed rail” is simply one more sign that he is simply not serious about anything other than paying off 19th and 20th century legacy special interests. I look forward to tomorrow’s press conference, when Obama trains his laser-beam brain on the question of whether Razzles is a candy or a gum.

…although there’s certainly more in there*. Nick’s in full-fledged rant mode, and while he’s obviously primed mostly to go off on the President he’s not sparing of his libertarian colleagues, particularly the ones that decided that a Illinois Democrat was a compelling libertarian alternative to an Arizona Republican in this election. Which was, really, very silly. I’m sorry to say that, but it’s true. Putting Obama in the White House meant that this guy doesn’t have a veto pen looming over him. Putting Obama in the White House meant further empowering a political party that doesn’t care if your dishes are clean. Putting Obama in the White House means that we’re about to get the organic food industry gutted in the name of regulation. And putting Obama in the White House means this happened:


When it comes to fiscal responsibility, people will often say that the Republicans came late to that particular party, and maybe we were. So maybe you want to think of me as being just a little breathtakingly brazen for pointing out that, yes, things can always get worse. Fine. That’s unrelated to the more important question of whether I’m right or wrong. But that’s something that I’ll let the individual reader decide.

Because, you know, if you can’t trust people to figure this stuff out eventually then, really: what’s the point?

Moe Lane

*Including references to Johnny Rotten, Zardoz“, and zeppelin travel.

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