Don't expect to see Jon Stewart whale on Susan Roesgen again.

You probably remember Susan Roesgen from yesterday: she was the one who got so peeved when the person that she interviewed turned out to be not on-script. Voluntary propagandists often aren’t, when dealing with messy reality.

Anyway, she’ll probably be lionized by CNN for her “bravery” to standing up to people yelling back at somebody with a video crew trying to browbeat them, so watch this clip while you still can:

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…because I bet you that Jon Stewart isn’t going to think that this example of hysterical “reporting” is going to be nearly as funny as her reporting of the Fargo flood was. Or overwrought. Or even as silly journalism, although that depends largely on whether he forgot to take the clown nose off. After all, floods are one thing, but at the end of the day voluntary propagandists have only got each other to cling to.

Possibly even ‘bitterly.’

Moe Lane

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