So, how did the Left's New Way Forward protests go?

Let me put it this way: you might as well read Instapundit, because he’s doing a better job covering this than the New Way Forward people are. At least he has pictures – although that’s not really great news for the NWF, given the way that Glenn is cheerfully contrasting them with the various pre-Tax Day Tea Parties also scheduled today (which are pretty much destroying the NWF protests in terms of attendence). When one group is getting more people in Lincoln, Nebraska than the other is getting in Chicago, Illinois, there’s a problem. For the latter, at least.

That being said, this report of the Washington DC NWF is worth special consideration (and not to mention, mockery):

I’d promise to personally check every person in the crowd on Wednesday’s DC Tax Day Tea Party to find out if they work for Fox News, except that there’s no way that I’d get to even a tenth of the attendees by the time that the Tea Party was over.

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