Bob Kerrey cleans out a nest of New School demonstrators.

And not in the “he’s on his way out the door” sense.

The kids at the New School in NYC screamed, ranted, and raved at him back in December.  Then they chased him through the streets (just a reminder; Kerrey’s a disabled war veteran).  He didn’t do anything about that at the time, but Kerrey must have noticed with some interest the way that ‘arresting the petulant man-children’ seemed to work out for NYU, because when the New School protesters came back for a second go the college President decided to just call in the cops to clear things up and be done with it.  Which the cops did.

And now Bob Kerrey is refreshingly unapologetic about what he’s done, too:

“They put on black masks and wander around New York City? We still remember 9/11 around here,” Bob Kerrey told The Post, as the 22 students were paraded in front of a Manhattan arraignment judge on a laundry list of charges.

Kerrey laughed off the half-baked attempt by New School and NYU students to ultimately overthrow his administration.

“An illegal occupation of a building is not a legitimate protest,” he said. “There’s a long list of legitimate ways to protest a university. This isn’t one of them.”

(Via Glenn Reynolds and Jammie Wearing Fool, neither of whom is any more interested in wasting sympathy on the blackshirts than I am.)

It’ll be interesting to see whether this trend continues. I admit to some anticipation of getting to watc the looks of horrified realization bloom on various ‘activist’ faces as they discover that their ‘right’ to primal scream over everything that refuses to conform instantly to their will isn’t actually a right at all. It’s really an indulgence, and it’s one being offered by people who are feeling less and less indulgent every day. Fortunately, this is one situation where a little negative feedback can work wonders; have them arrested, have them spend the weekend in jail, have them convicted, expel them, and look around and ask “Who’s next?” Kerrey shouldn’t have to have that happen more than twice before the remaining students take the hint.

I mean, social justice is social justice – but it’s not like the economy is all that great right now, you know?

Moe Lane

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