No stop at Normandy.

Our own Mark Impomeni lets us know over at AOL that we’re snubbing the French for a change:

Reports out of London indicate that President Barack Obama declined an inviation from French President Nicholas Sarkozy to visit Normandy’s Omaha Beach and the American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-mer on his way to Strasbourg for the NATO summit last week. The Daily Telegraph reports that White House officials travelled to France last month to discuss the visit with their counterparts on Sarkozy’s staff. But one American official familiar with the negotiations said that President Obama never had any intention of making the stop over.

The Telegraph also indicates that the French claims that Obama will be in Normandy for the 65th anniversary of D-Day have not been corroborated by the White House.

[rubbing head with hands]

Look, I really am asking this nicely: can we maybe have something that I can just approve of this administration doing, with no caveats? It’s a heck of a thing when I can’t even cheer on the White House snubbing the flipping French: I’m usually happy to do just that, but not when it involves the Normandy cemeteries. That’s the only thing we’ve ever seen the French government show public embarrassment over when it impacted their shenanigans. I need something to work with, here.

And I certainly don’t care if the ostensible answer is that it might offend the Germans

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