G20 Protesters murder man in London. [Bumped: and the cops may have lent a hand.]

[UPDATE] And when they pull in the sick buggers that threw the bottles, make sure that none of these guys do the pulling in.

But don’t preen, ye blackshirts. The cops may have committed manslaughter. Your fellow-protesters are still on the hook for murder.

Yes, murder. When you attack people trying to save someone’s life – someone who is dying – then you have made a moral choice. Or in this case, an immoral choice:

Police were attacked as they helped dying man at G20 protests in City

Police officers came under attack while they tried to help a dying man at the G20 protests in the City last night.

The victim was found by a member of the public unconscious in the street near the Bank of England just before 7.30pm yesterday.

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said officers arrived on the scene to help and had to move the casualty away for urgent treatment after bottles were thrown at them by protesters.

I don’t know why I’m this angry – I’ve already worked out that these people are more or less congruent with the organized antiwar movement, which of course makes them racist, bigoted, homophobic, misogynistic, Jew-hating scum – but possibly it’s because there’s something particularly outrageous about attacking a Good Samaritan. Or possibly it’s because I’m well aware that the people who did this thing last night are probably perversely proud of the way that they helped kill somebody. You can tell, from the way they demonstrate and scream and try to provoke. They want blood on the streets. They’re just too craven to spill any of their own. That’s why we won, by the way – because this is the limit of the antiwar movement’s bravery. Interfering with better men’s rescue efforts. They got lucky this time.

So preen, you murderous little cowards. Tell yourself that it’s all real, now.

And pray that there’s no afterlife.

Moe Lane

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