The latest insult from the Obama administration.

They just don’t care, do they? This latest tax scandal that Andrew Malcolm found shows that they just don’t care. And every time you think that they’ve at least run out of new outrages, they just go out and find something new to do.

Given the lengthening record of back tax problems with numerous other administration appointments this year — Tom Daschle, Timothy Geithner, Nancy Kelleher, Hilda Solis’ husband, and just yesterday Kathleen Sebelius — the nominee was said to feel that proceeding with his appointment and the predictable array of awkward questions surrounding such inexplicable behavior would be a major distraction to a governmental administration facing such serious challenges as how to live up to five-year automotive warranties during a four-year presidential term.

The nominee, a Washington veteran who wants to spend more time with his family, knew that his inadvertent oversights totaling some $8,800 were insignificant in a city where sums of money with 10 zeroes are routinely described as “a small percentage of total spending” without laughter. And he knew full well he’d be appearing before an open Senate committee dominated by fellow party members totally in the tank for him before they flossed that day.

At this rate, these people will be lesnerizing* in public. Without shame.

Moe Lane

Robert Sheckley’s a fun author, by the way.

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